Back in Business


Greetings fellow heads-up enthusiasts! After a long break, Heads-Up Hyper is live again! I will start publishing new content in the following weeks.

Most likely I will continue making content for the strategy series, hand of the week, daily fast, and HUD tips. Besides, I’m also planning to make a few theme series that I have been asked for. First is about Heads-Up Zoom, and especially PokerStars PKO Heads-Up Turbo Zoom tournaments. I have had multiple requests to expose my Zoom strategy, and I translated it to a new set of charts. The second theme will be about HUD and explaining thoroughly how to use HUD in the Heads-Up environment. It is a very important theme because if you play in poker sites that allow HUD, you have to use HUD. Otherwise, you’re giving huge leverage to your companions. I will offer my own HUD display on this site and explain how to use every statistic in detail.

I already updated the Charts page and if you’re interested you can get the Heads-Up Zoom tournaments charts for a deep-stacked game (+50 big blinds). Later I will also provide the short stack charts.

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