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Daily Fast: 5,5€ Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Tournament

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One heads-up hyper-turbo tournament – every action explained.

Hand 1: The tournament begins and I got dealt 9♦2♥. I bet $40 on the button because the hand is in my raise first in -range. The villain calls my bet and the flop lands Q♣J♣2♦. The villain checks from the big blind. This is a typical board to get check-raised so I decide to check behind. I want to control the pot size and I don’t want to bet-fold my hand. Usually, I check a large portion of my bottom pairs and balance it with top pairs, sets, and complete air.

The turn is 5♣ and now there are three high cards to my bottom pair and also straight and flush draws. The villain checks again and I decide to check behind. The river is T♦ and the villain checks again. As I don’t think I can get any value from a worse hand by betting, I decide to check also. I win the pot with a pair of deuces (the villain has K♣8♦). (stack $540)

Hand 2: 7♥7♣ The villain min-bets from the button and I raise all-in my middle pair. The villain folds immediately behind. (stack $580)

Hand 3: 7♥3♣ I min-bet on the button and the villain calls. The flop lands Q♦T♣A♣ and I decide to continue to bet the flop because it connects my range better. The villain folds behind. (stack $620)

Hand 4: T♣5♥ The villain min-bets from the button and I fold my hand. (stack $600)

Hand 5: A♥9♠ I min-bet on the button and the villain folds. (stack $620)

Hand 6: T♠7♠ The villain min-bets from the button and I decided to mix up my game and make a raise to $100. I usually use weak suited combos to balance my non-all-in raise range. Typically I would just call with this combo, but sometimes I mix up my default strategy. The villain calls my raise and the flop comes J♣5♦2♥. This is a good flop for my range and I decide to continue bet 1/3 of the pot ($75 to $200). The villain calls my continuation bet which means that his range must be rather weak. I think he would raise-shove all J-combos and open-ended straight draws. The turn card is 4♣ and I bet all-in again because this card shouldn’t help him and I want to put more pressure. The villain decides to fold. (stack $795)

Hand 7: T♠T♦ I limp in on the button to set a trap. Unfortunately, the villain checks and the flop comes 3♣J♣8♠ and the villain checks again. I make a half pot bet and the villain raise-shoves immediately. Because the board is so draw-heavy and there is only one overcard to my hand, I make the call. The villain shows 8♣9♥ and the board runs 7♦ on the turn and 7♥ on the river and I win the heads-up hyper-turbo tournament.

Hands of the heads-up hyper-turbo tournament

Do you want to know which hands I bet before the flop on the first blind level (10/20) and which hands I decide to fold, raise or raise-shove? Check out the charts page and download my preflop strategy.

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