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Daily Fast: $3,5 USD Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Tournament


$3,5 heads-up tournament – every action explained.

$3,5 USD Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo

Blind level 1 – 10/20

Hand 1: I min-bet J♥4♥ from the button and the big blind calls. In my experience, it is profitable to open up to 80% of the hands from the button in low-stakes heads-up hyper-turbo tournament. It is important to understand that if we open wide, we have to be able to put pressure on opponents on the later streets. J♥4♥ is a borderline hand in my default strategy and that’s why I would raise J♥3♥ but check J♥4♥ preflop.

The flop is 2♦T♦J♣. I don’t want to give free cards to this type of volatile board and therefore I decide to bet $35 in the pot of $80 and the villain folds. (stack $540)

Hand 2 6♦3♣: The villain folds from the button and I win $10 (stack $550)

Hand 3: 6♣4♦ I min-bet from the button because my hand is in my pre-flop bet range. I use polarized distribution when I’m raising preflop from the position. The villain folds. (stack $570)

Hand 4: 3♦T♥ The villain bets from the position and I fold. (stack $550)

Hand 5: 98o I limp from the big blind and the small blind checks behind. I would also call a min-raise with this hand. The flop comes J♥9♠3♠ and the villain checks. I bet half pot with the second pair. The villain calls my bet. I’m bet because the board it’s draw-heavy and I have decent equity. I expect that the villain has some kind of a draw most of the time.

The turn is the A♥ and now the board has two straight draws and two flush draws. As I don’t believe that the Ace helps either of us, I decide to bet $55 in the pot of $80. The villain calls again the bet. The river is the 2♥ and one flush draw and a couple of gutshot-draws complete, I still don’t believe he has a value hand so I decide to make a small exploitative bet of $63 (1/3 pot size bet) to get thin value. The villain folds quickly behind. (stack $645)

The Blind Level 2 – 15/30

Hand 6: The blinds go up and I’m dealt J♣8♦. The villain min-bets from the button to $60 and I decide to defend. Flop is 6♠3♣2♣ which hits my range better. Villain min-bets $30 in the pot of $120 which is very exploitative. I don’t see him doing this very often with value hands and I decide to raise-bluff him. I raise to $110 and the villain folds. (stack $735)

Hand 7: ATo I decide just to call before the flop to balance my range and villain checks behind. Flop comes T♣3♠8♥ and I decide to check behind to balance my checking range and set a trap. Turn is the 9♠ and the board gets very draw-heavy. I decide to overbet $80 in the pot of $60 and make the villain pay for his draws and weak hands. The villain folds. (stack $765)

Hand 8: 7♣7♠ The villain calls from the button and I raise 3xBB to make him pay with mediocre hands and he decides to fold. (stack $795)

Hand 9: K♣9♥ I shove from the big blind (check NASH) and force villain to fold. ($825)

Hand 10: T♦5♣ The villain shoves from the button and I fold (check NASH). (stack $795)

The Blind Level 3 – 20/40

Hand 11: J♠5♦ I’ll call from the button and the big blind checks behind me. Flop comes A♥A♠T♦. I decide to make a very exploitative move and bet after the villain checks the flop. Villain folds to my bet. (stack $835)

Blind level 3

Hand 12: J♣2♥ The villain shoves from the button and I fold (check NASH). (stack $795)

Hand 13: 7♦3♥ I fold from the button and the villain collects my small blind (stack $775)

Hand 14: K♣6♣ The villain shoves from the button and I snap call. The villain has a K♥7♠ and the board runs 9♠9♣T♦K♦A♥ and we split the pot. (stack $775)

Hand 15: T♣9♠ I shove from the button (check NASH) and the villain folds. (stack $815)

Hand 16: K♠Q♥ The villain shoves from the button and I snap call. The board ran out T♣7♥T♥7♣K♦ and I won the $3,5 heads-up tournament.

Final hand

You want to know which hand combos I raise before the flop or which hands I choose to 3bet bluff preflop. Check out the official heads up hyper.com charts from here.

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