Heads-Up Cash Game GTO Charts

Heads-up cash game GTO charts

Heads-Up Cash Game GTO Charts

This package includes 4 different PioSolver pre-flop charts for Heads-Up Cash Games:

Small Blind Opening range (which hands to bet before the flop)

Big Blind Defend range (which hands to call, 3bet and fold against Small Blind open)

Small Blind vs. Big Blind 3bet range (which hands to call, fold or 4bet against Big Blind 3bet)

Big Blind vs. Small Blind 4bet range (which hands to call, fold or 5bet against Small Blind 4bet)

GTO charts give you game theory optimal strategy to play before the flop. Green color is Call, red color is Raise (light red means raise small 25-30% and dark red is (70-150%) and Blue/Grey color is Fold.

You can download other GTO charts from the Charts page.

All the Heads-Up Cash Game charts are in .png format. You can keep them on your desktop while you’re playing or you can print them.

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