Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts (25-17 BB)


heads-up hyper-turbo charts 25-17bb

Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts (25-17bb) reveals our pre-flop strategy on 25-17 big blind deep in heads-up hyper-turbos. These charts are a product of tens of thousands of heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments. The first package includes three different charts: Raise First In (RFI) Chart, Big Blind Defense Chart and, Big Blind vs. Button Limp Chart for 25-17 big blind stack depth. The price of the package is 5€(~$5,54).

Raise First In (RFI) Chart

The Raise First In (RFI) Chart shows which hands we should raise from the button (small blind). This single chart is the most important piece of a strategy to succeed in heads-up hyper-turbos. Our RFI-chart has four different color-coded actions: bet/fold, bet/call(shove), limp/call(raise), limp/fold. For example, bet/fold means that we should bet the hand from the button and fold if our opponent raises. Likewise, bet/call(shove) means we should bet before the flop and then call a three-bet shove with our hand. Some hand combinations have two alternative actions/colors, which means we should randomize our move and use both options occasionally.

Big Blind (BB) Defense Chart

Big Blind (BB) Defense Chart shows which hands we should defend from the big blind. In the BB-Defense Chart, we use four different actions: fold, call, 3bet-all-in and, 3bet-2,5x. As well as the RFI chart, in the BB-Defense Chart, we are using a balanced strategy. By this chart, you’re able to apply maximum pressure to villains and get value from a wide range of hands. You also avoid folding too much from the big blind, which is a common leak in population. Big Blind Defense Chart has a well-balanced distribution of bluffs and value combos.

Big Blind vs. Button Limp Chart

Big Blind vs. Button Limp is one of the most difficult parts of heads-up hyper-turbos. In the chart there are four different actions: check, raise/call-3bet-all-in, bet-3x/fold and all-in. Especially in the mid to high-stakes, people begin to check most part of their range and utilize their post-flop skills. This is the reason why this chart is closest to the game theory optimal strategy compared to the previous charts.


Product Details and Payment

All the heads-up hyper-turbo charts are in .jpg format. You can use them on your desktop while you’re playing or print them out. The original products have been made with HMTL/CSS and then converted to picture format. Pictures are 382x540px size in order to fit 6×2 charts on 1920×1080 resolution. It is also possible to resize the pictures with photo viewers if you’re using different resolution or have a monitor in another size.

an example of 17-13bb chart

You can buy the products directly from this site by pressing the “purchase” button. The button automatically connects to PayPal which enables secure and reliable payment access. After you have made the transaction, you can download the file from the web page or from your email.

Lastly, I wanted to keep the prices as low as possible to make the products available for users in various stakes. All the earnings from this are used to grow this site and make more content to viewers.

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