Heads-up Zoom Tournament Charts

Heads-up zoom strategy

Get a solid deep stack strategy for Heads-Up Zoom tournaments. The strategy includes Heads-up Zoom tournament charts above 50 big blinds. I have been using this strategy for years successfully and it gives you guidelines to follow in deep stack Zoom tournament play.

Raise First In (Small Blind) Chart

This chart contains information which hands you should:

  • Bet and fold to raise
  • Bet and call raise
  • Bet and re-raise
  • Fold

Defense (Big Blind) Chart

This chart contains information which hands you should:

  • Call
  • Fold
  • Raise and fold to re-raise (3bet)
  • Raise and 4bet or call

Both charts have a polarized hand distribution meaning that, for example, 3bets have both value and bluff combos. The strategy is more aggressive on small blind than “standard strategy” and also more conservative on the big blind and against 3bets. The reason for this adjustment is simple, the population tends to play too tight on the big blind and it gives us value to bet more hands. On the other hand, the population tends to 3bet way too tight, therefore we can play a little bit tighter against 3bets.

All the heads-up hyper-turbo charts are in .png format. You can keep them on your desktop while you’re playing or print them out. The original products have been made with HMTL/CSS and then converted to picture format

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