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Exploitative Strategy in Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Tournament

the daily exploitation

This time on the daily fast, I use an exploitative strategy in heads-up hyper-turbo tournament against an aggressive villain. Heads-up hyper-turbos are played with 2 minute blind levels and with starting stack of 25 big blinds.

Blind level 1 ($10/20):

Hand 1: I min-bet T♣T♦ from the button. The villain calls and the flop comes 9♣6♠8♥. I make a continuation bet of $40 and the villain calls. His range most probably consists of 6x, 7x, and 8x. Also, backdoor flushes and some overcards will most probably call here. Nines and Ten-Jack would raise and he doesn’t have overpairs or sets. The turn is 4♦ which is a blank card because 94, 46 and 48 should fold preflop. Therefore, I want to charge draws and make another continuation bet of $120 (exploitative sizing). The river is A♦ which is most likely a blank card. I go all-in and try to get more value from 9x and 8x combos but unfortunately the villain folds.

Hand 2: The villain limps from the button and I check with 2♠9♣. The flop is 7♥7♣T♠ and I check. The villain bets half of the pot ($20). Against weak opponents, this is a good raise spot. The reason is that people are in general folding too lightly. I raise to $60 (3x) and the villain folds.

Hand 3: I get 4♣3♦ on the button and I fold. Usually, villains who have around 10 big blinds are raise-shoving very lightly to limps. Revenge all-in is also a very common phenomenon in heads-up hyper-turbos. Revenge all-in means that players who have lost a big pot, usually shove the following hand very often. It is also a common trick to shove good hands after losing a big pot as an act of steaming.

Hand 4: The villain min-bets from the button and I fold J♠3♥ from the big blind (bb-defend range).

Hand 5: I limp J♦8♦ from the button because our opponent has 15bb. If the opponent’s stack would be a few blinds less I would go all-in with my hand. The flop lands Q♣3♥J♣ and the villain checks. I decide to check back to balance my checking range.

I don’t expect the villain to have J, Q, K, A or straight draws. Therefore, there aren’t many bad cards to come and it’s a good spot to trap. The turn is 3♠ and it doesn’t change anything. We both check again. The river is 8♠ and the villain checks the third time. I make a min-bet and the villain folds.

heads-up hyper-turbo charts

Blind level 2 ($15/30):

Hand 6: The villain limps from the button and I check 2♥3♠ behind. The flop is A♣8♠2♣ and I check. The villain min-bets and I mix up with min-raise. The villain should not have Aces because he would go all-in preflop (~10bb) and we block deuces. I don’t encourage to use this play, but at the same time, I think it is a mistake only to raise top pairs and best draws on the flop. I’d like to see middle and low pairs as three-bet hands occasionally. The villain folds to my min-raise.

Hand 7: I go all-in with A♣6♥ and the villain calls with K♦Q♣. We both play this hand correctly and it is basically a cooler. The board runs 8♣7♥5♥7♣8♦ and I win the heads-up hyper-turbo.

If you want to learn to use exploitative strategy in heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments, follow the daily fast series for new tournament reviews.

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