Finnish High Stakes Player won $1,4 MILLION during four days


Finnish high-stakes legend Sami “LrsLzk” Kelopuro wrote a couple of days ago on his poker-blog that he won over $1,4 million dollars during the period of four days at the beginning of July. The majority of his winning came from an unknown person in the PartyPoker’s $100/200 PLO Heads-Up table.

I was waiting on 100/200 PLO Heads-Up table at PartyPoker and an unknown person joined the game. It didn’t take long before I noticed that he didn’t exactly know how to play and wants to gamble. In the beginning, I ran bad and I lost $85 000. The villain didn’t seem like a hit-and-run guy. The game was very active and I was nervous that my account could run out of money before my run turns around. It was too early in the morning to be able to find a person to wire me more money. I had a couple of hundred of thousands in my account and I could deposit a bit more, but this game was wild. The villain 3-betted 100% of the hands and 4-betted almost 100% of the hands. He also 5- and 6-betted actively and played furiously post-flop.

The Turning Point of the Match

Kelopuro explains how he first lost $85 000 but after that, the game turned around. The villain’s spine started to brake at the time when Kelopuro won the biggest pot in the whole session, more than $190 000. The pot was raised all-in preflop when Kelopuro had A♥8♣A♣5♣ and the villain had K♣Q♦K♥A♦.

At this point (after winning the pot), I had $424 000 on the table and the villain needed to reload again and start with $20 000.

After the turning point of the match, the villain continued to deposit more and more. The villain was able to get more than $100 000 to his stack but yet not over $150 000 at any point during the game. Towards the end, I started to run pretty well. The villain started to took flips with any-four. Kelopuro writes that he put hands in with +55% equity and felt like running his own casino with a solid house edge.

New twenty K’s came like water. More and more – infinitely.

The Final Result of the Match

After eight hours of play, Kelopuro had a $1,4 million dollar stack in front of him and he had won a whopping 65 buy-ins. Kelopuro suspects he has a good idea of who this person was but doesn’t want to reveal any names because he respects others’ privacy.

$1,4 million
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Kelopuro writes that he was confused during the following days and that it took a moment for him to believe he wasn’t dreaming.

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