First Month of My Own Poker Site


*This is unpublished article from September 2019*

On the 4th of august, after three weeks of preparation, I didn’t want to wait anymore. It was the time, and there was no coming back. I finally did it, I opened my own poker site headsuphyper.com. Today, after the first month of running my own poker site, I wanted to share my experience. Spoiler alert: it has been a hell of a ride.

On the 4th of august, after three weeks of preparation, I didn’t want to wait anymore. It was the time, and there was no coming back. I finally did it, I opened my own poker site headsuphyper.com.

How Everything started

But first, let’s go into the beginning. I want to explain why I started this project in the first place. It all started in 2018 when I graduated as a Master of Economics majoring in marketing. Digital marketing has fascinated me for a long time and I wanted to work in the industry. I spend three months finding marketing jobs but every time – when I thought that I could have a chance – I faced the same problem – not enough experience.

I had been studying digital marketing during my studies, but the reality was that I didn’t have the skill set which was needed to get employed. I got into a couple of interviews and I did everything I could. I tried to express my enthusiasm and passion for digital marketing but it wasn’t enough. There was always a person who had more experience than I did.

Miracles happen

I almost gave up and as a last effort, I called my current jobs human resources department and described my problem. They encouraged me to call our marketing department. It took one week and I was in a job interview. Why I didn’t figure this in the first place?

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as I planned and the job interview was a disaster. I was very upset about how I could ruin my only chance to get a real marketing job. It was a long wait for two weeks and finally, the interviewer called me. First I thought that she was mixing me with someone else, but no, she had good news for me: I was about to start as a digital marketer in two months.

My job was fixed-term and I thought that it is my only chance. I thought that I had to prove that I have what it takes to succeed. I knew that I have a couple of months to learn a lot of different things. I’d have to do everything by myself to learn things. Academic marketing education is good if you’re planning to do research in university but in reality, it hasn’t much to do with real-life marketing.

Starting to build my own site

I thought that the easiest way to learn digital marketing in practice is to make my own web page and start to make all kinds of content. The only option for me was a poker site. I had been crushing heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments on different stakes and I knew that I have experience and knowledge to share which could get people’s attention.

To be crazy enough I also wanted to include webshop on my site. I knew that my heads-up hyper-turbo strategy was completely different from an average player uses and I knew that it was very profitable. I thought that it would be a perfect product to sell, and it would genuinely help people to make better decisions and understand different strategies and hand ranges that can be used in heads-up hyper-turbos.

I knew that my heads-up hyper-turbo strategy was completely different from an average player uses and I knew that it was very profitable

The problem was that my strategy was blueprinted in Microsoft Paint and Equilab. It was harsh and ugly pictures and I could not ask for a penny of them. So I wanted to make nice and polished versions of them. I asked my friend help, who knew how to do image processing, but soon I found myself learning HTML/CSS coding. It took a couple of weeks to produce the final products.

Finally, I had the end products ready and I published them on my web page. I didn’t expect anything to happen in a long time but still, I was hopeful. Then after one hour, BING!, I got my first sale.

Example of HTML/CSS chart layout

How People Can Find My Site?

The first problem of my site was a narrow target group. I wanted to focus on Texas hold’em heads-up players, and mainly heads-up hyper-turbo players. If I would have to estimate, there are not more than a few thousand active heads-up hyper-turbo players. And of course, I wanted to get them all to visit my site. I thought that the best way to start marketing a site to the right focus group is by one-to-one marketing. And so I did. I went to play heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments against people and market my blog in the chatbox. First, it felt like a stupid idea, but it actually started to accumulate a small number of viewers to my site.

My second plan was to market my blog on different forums like Cardchat and 2plus2.com. I made a profile to every forum but it didn’t take more than a couple of hours when I got my first warning and eventually got banned.

Hitting the Jackpot

On the 25th of august, I noticed an interesting piece of small news on the Finnish poker site pokeritieto.com. The story was about Finnish High Stakes player Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro had won over a million dollars in one heads-up session. I went straight to read Sami’s blog and I knew immediately that the story was special. It was one of the biggest heads-up battles in the past ten years in online poker and the story was completely under the radar because it was written in Finnish. I translated the best parts and did my best to assemble as a good article as possible.

I posted the story on Reddit and it took a couple of minutes until it started to accumulate views. For the next 36 hours, my site got more views in every hour that it had gotten in weeks. I knew that I had hit the Jackpot.

The Next Morning

The next morning it happened. PokerNews spotted my story and made their own article. I also noticed that they have mentioned my site in their story. Who would know that the biggest and most prestigious poker news site would quote my two weeks old poker site in their news? I was so happy that I contacted the editor immediately to thank that they noticed my site on their article.

Source: Pokernews.com

What Did I Learn From the First Month

If you have an idea of a good story, there is always a small possibility that it could get people’s attention. If you write an article which long enough, search engine optimized, has pictures and the search keyword is not too common, you can rank exceptionally well in Google search. And that is probably the only way to get viewers if you are a blogger who has just begun.

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