Heads-Up Cash Game GTO Charts released


High-Stakes Grudge Match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk has electrified the heads-up cash game tables on many poker networks. The games have been so good that I decided to make a temporary transition to cash-game player.

As many of us know, the Heads-up cash game is a different animal than heads-up sit and gos, and you need a specific strategy to succeed in the games. I got a few requests to release heads-up cash game GTO charts and now I finally had time to do it.

The Chart package includes sb/button opening range, bb defend range, sb vs 3bet range, bb vs. 4bet range, and sb 5bet range. The package costs 8,45€.

Get the Heads-up cash game charts.

Heads-up Cash Game charts
click the image to download the charts

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