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Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo 13-9BB Charts Are Available!

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I have just released the Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts (13-9bb). This is the third piece of my preflop strategy. In my experience, players make the most mistakes when the blinds are big and stacks are short. The third set of charts has an answer for that. It has a very aggressive approach but it is perfectly balanced with traps. Against these hand ranges, villains will have a hard time to play and adjust. The charts have the same concept of polarized hand distribution with the optimal balance as the other two sets. The Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts (13-9bb) has three different files: Raise First In (RFI) Chart, Big Blind Defense Chart and, Big Blind vs. Button Limp Chart for 13-9 big blinds stack depth. The price of the package is €5 (~$5,54). You can download the new charts from the charts page.

ATTENTION!!! For 9 Big Blinds and less, it is advisable to use Nash Equilibrium Push/Call Chart. You can get it free from the charts page.

If you have any questions concerning the product, feel free to send a message from the contact us page.

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