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Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo 17-13BB Charts Are Out Now!


I just released the second set of heads-up hyper-turbo charts which will reveal my core strategy on 17-13 big blinds deep. The second set of charts has the same concept of polarized hand range with the right balance as the first set. It is also worth noticing that the 13-17bb chart has more hand combinations with two alternative options to balance and randomize our preflop actions.

The Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts (17-13bb) include three different files: Raise First In (RFI) Chart, Big Blind Defense Chart and, Big Blind vs. Button Limp Chart for 17-13 big blinds stack depth. The price of the package is €5 (~$5,54).

Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Charts 17-13bb
Click the Picture to Download the Chart!

I received a lot of good feedback considering my first set of charts and I’m happy that they have helped heads-up hyper-turbo players around the globe. I hope you continue sending me feedback, and I’m always open to improving my strategy if it’s possible.

Below you can see the layout which I’m using in my charts. The original coding has been made with HTML/CSS and then has been converted to a portable network graphic (png) file. The png file is sharper than .jpg and it makes the chart stand out better and it’s easy to interpret.

an example of 17-13bb chart
(Not the Real Product – An example of layout)

You can find more information and download the product from here.

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