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Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo at PartyPoker


Today in the Daily Fast, I decided to play a heads-up hyper-turbo tournament at PartyPoker. As before, I will go through every hand I play and explain my actions.

Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo at PartyPoker

Blind level 1: (10/20)

Hand 1: I limp K♥2♥ from the button. The villain raises to $70 and I fold my hand. (stack $480)

Hand 2: The villain bets $42 from the button and I raise 6♥3♥ to $110. This hand is in my raise range to balance value combos. The villain calls my raise and the flop lands 7♣A♣2♥. The flop hits my raise-range and I make a continuation bet of $70 (1/3-pot size). The villain folds to my bet. (stack $590)

Hand 3: I limp 9♦8♣ from the button. The villain makes a 3,5x raise and I fold. It wouldn’t be profitable to call this big raise with my hand. (stack $570)

Hand 4: The villain min-bets from the button and I raise-shove A♦9♣ from the small blind and the villain folds. (stack $610)

Hand 5: I call from the button with K♣7♦ and villain folds (???). (stack $630)

Hand 6: The villain min-bets from the button. I raise-shove 6♦A♣ and the villain folds.

Hand 7: I bet 2♥6♣ from the button and the villain calls. The flop comes Q♣T♣9♠ and I make a 25% pot size bet. I occasionally use 1/4 pot size sizing on this kind of board texture with complete air and nuts. The villain calls my bet and the turn comes K♥. I decide to bet one more time and continue my story. The villain will have very hard to call my bet without a jack in his hand. I bet 25% of the pot and the villain folds. (stack $706)

Blind Level 2: (15/30)

Hand 8: The villain folds the button. (stack $721)

Hand 9: I continue my aggression and min-bet K♥Q♣ from the button. The villain raise-shoves with Q♥T♣. The board runs 8♣9♥A♠2♣3♦ and I win the heads-up hyper-turbo at PartyPoker. I usually use this combo to trap aggressive villains on these stack depths but sometimes I deviate from the standard strategy.

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