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Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Tournament


Hand 1: The Villain limps the button and I check Q♦2♦ from the big blind. The flop is Q♣T♠K♦ and I check my middle pair as I would check my whole range in this spot. The villain checks behind us. The turn is 4♣ and now there are multiple draws available and I want to charge them. I bet 3/4 of the pot and the villain folds.

Hands 2: I limp J♣8♠ from the button and the villain check from the big blind. The flop is K♦5♠6♥ and the villain donk bets the flop. Usually, donk bets are weakish hands like middle pairs or complete air. If I had any backdoor draws I would raise-bluff my hand. I decide to call the bet and the turn is T♦. The villain donk min-bets again on the turn and I get 1/6 odds to call, so I need 16% of equity. I expect that I have only 6 outs which means I have only 12% of equity and I decide to fold.

A donk bet is a bet that is made into the aggressor from the prior betting round, denying them an opportunity to make a continuation bet. (source)

Hand 3: The villain raises the button and I raise 2,5x with K♥K♣. The villain calls my raise and the flop comes 8♣6♦7♣. Because the flop has a billion draws and my hand is very vulnerable I want to make my continuation bet bigger. I choose to raise $145 to $200 pot. The villain instantly shoves with A♥9♥ and the board runs 6♣ and 7♠.

Hand 4: I shove 2♦5♣ from the button and the villain calls with 5♦T♣ (2bb). The board runs J♥T♦3♠9♠6♣ and the villain wins the pot.

Hand 5: The villain shoves the button with only 4 big blinds and I call the shove with J♣2♥. In hindsight, I think this should be a fold, even though the villain is shoving his whole range. An argument for folding is that J2o has 44% equity against a random hand and we get 60:160 pot odds, which means we need 37,5% of equity. The villain had Q♦7♣ and we had 36% of equity, therefore our call was marginally a losing play. The board ran 2♠8♣A♦4♣9♣ and I won the heads-up hyper-turbo tournament.

heads-up hyper-turbo tournament statistics

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