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How to use Continuation Bet Limped Pot Stat


One of the most beneficial HUD-statistic for a heads-up hyper-turbo player is the continuation bet limped pot stat. It shows how often an opponent takes the initiative and bet (out of the position) on the flop in circumstances where the preflop action is limp-check. I have noticed that most of the low-stakes players have a tendency to bet frequently when they notice that the HERO plays passively (checks from the big blind) preflop. In the aforesaid situations, we can begin to trap a wider range of hands with good equity and raise-bluff on many flop textures.

If a villain has about 30% frequency of continuation betting on the limped pot, we should proceed cautiously and often fold without resistance. Usually, it means that he or she has some kind of equity on the flop. If a villain continuation bets more than 50%, we can start to raise-bluff on diverse flop textures. I like to raise-bluff flops with two small cards and one high card. For example, if the flop is dealt Q52 rainbow and our opponent makes a half pot bet, we can (and often should) raise him in high frequency. The bet size should be around 2,3-2,7x the original raise.

Continuation Bet Limped Pot stat

What should We Memorize from Continuation Bet Limp Pot Stat

  • Always check your villain’s continuation bet limped pot stat when the preflop action is limp or check.
  • If the continuation bet limped pot stat is close to 30%, it means that the villain bets on limped pots mostly when he has something.
  • If the continuation bet limped pot stat is close to 70%, it means that the villain almost always takes an initiative on the flop if the hero plays preflop passively (checks).
  • Use a wide range of hands to raise-bluff an aggressive player on the flop. The board textures with two low cards and one broadway card is an example of a good flop to bluff.
  • If the villain has a high tendency to bluff limped pots, use a wide range of high equity hands as traps.

If you haven’t got HUD yet, go to the Heads Up Display page and download Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 to improve your game. You can find my heads-up hyper-turbo HUD configuration (with cbet limp pot stat) from the resources page (not available yet but it will be added soon!).

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