Strategy Series

How to Play Poker Against Maniacs

It’s evening and you sit down on a heads-up hyper-turbo tournament lobby and an unknown player joins the game. Right away, he goes all-in on the first hand. After that, he continues to go all-in in with every single hand. You fold a couple of mediocre hands and soon you notice that you have lost […]

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Finnish High Stakes Player won $1,4 MILLION during four days

Finnish high-stakes legend Sami “LrsLzk” Kelopuro wrote a couple of days ago on his poker-blog that he won over $1,4 million dollars during the period of four days at the beginning of July. The majority of his winning came from an unknown person in the PartyPoker’s $100/200 PLO Heads-Up table. I was waiting on 100/200 […]

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Hand of the Week

How to Play Suited Broadway Cards

This time on hand of the week I decided to write about how to play suited broadway cards in heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments. I chose King-Ten suited (KTs) as an example of a suited broadway hand. The fact that makes KTs interesting is its’ playability. Last time my analysis focused on playing from the position (small […]

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Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Tournament Strategy

To mix things up a bit, I spent one evening playing limit hold’em heads-up tournaments on PokerStars. Like many of us, who started poker at the beginning of the 2000s, I have some history with limit hold’em. In the old days Limit Hold’em was the game of choice, and No-Limit was an upcoming game. I used […]

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Daily fast

Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo Tournament

Hand 1: The Villain limps the button and I check Q♦2♦ from the big blind. The flop is Q♣T♠K♦ and I check my middle pair as I would check my whole range in this spot. The villain checks behind us. The turn is 4♣ and now there are multiple draws available and I want to […]

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Variance in Poker Tournaments

What differentiates poker from all other games is variance. It’s a game of luck and skill wherein the long-run best players will win, but short-term winning players will lose regularly to less talented players. If you think of any other strategy game, you’ll find out fast which player is a better one. In poker and […]

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