Strategy Series

Heads-Up Zoom Tournament Strategy

For late Friday entertainment, I played the $16.50, NLHE, Heads-Up Turbo Zoom, Progressive Total KO, $15 000 GTD tournament on┬áPokerStars. My initial thought was to examine what is the skill level nowadays in Heads Up Zoom tournaments. Heads-Up Turbo Zoom tournaments have been my bread and butter for years besides heads-up hyper-turbos. You can get […]

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Welcome to Heads Up Hyper

Welcome to Heads Up Hyper! Heads Up Hyper is a new poker strategy site designated for heads-up poker and especially for heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments. I started this project for a couple of reasons. First, I have been interested in heads-up poker for many years. I have played heads-up in many forms and shapes, but my […]

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