WCOOP Heads-Up Progressive Total KO announced

wcoop heads-up

PokerStars has published the schedule of the annual World Championship of Online Poker and fortunately, NLHE WCOOP Heads-up is included in the program on the 1st of September. Once again, the format will be a recreational-friendly heads-up Zoom with progressive bounties. Progressive total KO means that the entire prize pool is in player bounties, which means that the majority of the prize pool will be handed to the last player standing.

The WCOOP heads-up events will be played with three different buy-ins: WCOOP 12L $5,5 WCOOP NLHE [Heads-Up Progressive Total KO], 12M 55$ [Heads-Up Progressive Total KO] and 12H $530 NLHE [Heads-Up Progressive Total KO]. All the events start at the same time which makes it easier to play them simultaneously. Guarantees for events are $50 000, $175 000, and $200 000 for the high stakes.

Structure of the Heads-up WCOOP tournaments

The fast-paced turbo structure and the characteristics of a bounty tournament make sure that the event will be finished rather quickly. The lower limits have a little bit more shallow stack depths, but even in the low stakes, the starting stack is 166 big blinds. Therefore, there is a lot to play before the game transforms into a pre-flop all-in warzone.

Best Strategy for the Heads-up WCOOP Tournament

I have been playing Heads-up Zoom PKO for a long time and I can assure that the games are very soft! If you want to have a solid pre-flop strategy for the heads-up Zoom tournaments, download the Heads-Up Zoom preflop charts from the Charts page and crush the WCOOP heads-up events.

Heads-up zoom strategy

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