Welcome to Heads Up Hyper


Welcome to Heads Up Hyper! Heads Up Hyper is a new poker strategy site designated for heads-up poker and especially for heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments. I started this project for a couple of reasons. First, I have been interested in heads-up poker for many years. I have played heads-up in many forms and shapes, but my true passion is heads-up hyper-turbos. Second, I’m starting in a new job as a content creator/digital marketer in the autumn. I believe that this could be a great way to combine both and create something special.

I sincerely want to share my knowledge of heads-up and make entertaining and educational content. My intention is to publish content on a daily basis. I also want to test all sorts of content, styles, and art. Behind the stage, I will learn how to use analytics, design ad campaigns, and also establish a small webshop for e-commerce learning purposes.

How I Become a Poker Player

I started to play poker around 2006 and have been loving it ever since. First 10 years I was searching for my place in the poker universe. I started with full ring games (both multi-table-tournaments and cash games) and did OK. Soon I noticed that my playing style was often too aggressive and I couldn’t adjust it as much as I should. My vice was to bluff way too much in every possible situation. Eventually, I found out Spin&Go’s and heads-up hyper-turbo sit and go tournaments and I quickly felt that they were made for my style of playing.

Finally, I would like you to do me a small favor by sharing this site on your social media or with your friends who might be interested in heads-up poker. I also appreciate all possible feedback considering this site, content or any other thoughts regarding this subject.

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