What is the best form of Poker?


Check out a three-point list of why (in my opinion) heads-up hyper turbo sit & go is the best form of poker.

Hand Ranges

One thing that makes full-ring games boring to me is the fact that most of the people are playing somewhat static “optimal” opening ranges. Anyone can google and download the optimal 9/8/6max-ranges for free. And if you decide to make your own ranges, you’re most likely just burning money. Deviating from the optimal preflop strategy is not lucrative in full-ring games.

In heads-up hyper-turbos, it is possible to use different strategies and approaches for opening ranges that actually work. For example, I have built my preflop strategy in a way, it differs radically from a GTO-strategy. After tens of thousands of tournaments, I have managed to build a strategy that works best for me. I play ranges that are easy to play, well balanced, and make the most pressure on opponents.

hu hyper-turbo chart


Compared to the new fast-paced “poker innovations” like Spin&Gos or Zoom which are heavily raked, heads-up hyper-turbos have still, at least for now on, a reasonable rake. That makes the heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments a lot more profitable.

It is also possible to play Heads-Up Hyper-Turbos on poker networks that have rakebacks. For example, with 30% rakeback and play-through bonuses, you’re able to boost your hourly win-rate a lot.


I have always been impatient to wait for good hands to come in tournaments. I hate the feeling when I have spent my whole night playing MTT-tournament and been dropped off just before the money.

Heads-Up Hyper-Turbos have an extremely fast blind structure. Each blind level is two minutes and you’re able to play approximately 7-10 hands. Heads-up hyper-turbo tournaments last 4 minutes on average. It means that you are typically able to see roughly 15 hands and two blind levels. In practice, it forces players to play a lot of hands which makes the tournaments action-packed.

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